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Natural Beauty From the Inside Out

Traditional Japanese Shinkyu acupuncture helps bringing youthfulness and healthier-looking skin from the inside out. There is no risk of chemicals and it is suitable for all gender and age.



Certified Japanese Shinkyu Acupuncturists

Our licensed and board certified acupuncturists adopt advanced traditional Japanese acupuncture techniques to produce the best results for you.




Trustworthy Services

A combination of professional treatment, friendly staffs and inviting environment. We listen to and value our patients the most. We believe in finding the source of pain rather than fixing just the symptom.





Development of techniques and equipment to produce the best result for you.


The same principle of treatment applied to a healthy alongside beauty by expert.


Natural beauty different from surger


No more worries about safety ensure the quality of Japanese Shinkyu Clinic


Ensure all quality needle therapy. Worldwide acceptance

With Japanese style is free to sign a needle. The needle can be inserted in any direction. And more effective in the shorter term.   Not only the treament that you will receive . The unique knowledge of us makes you beauty and healthy from the inside out.   In addition to aesthetic surgery, you can get it. Will also get chemical accumulation in the body. This is different way that is natural.   With the development of knowledge and continuing medical expertise makes you believe that it will be maintained.   With the quality of needles imported from Japan. Ensures that all needles we use sterilized needles as well.





Steps of Service


Step 1 : Check and initial diagnosis.

Because pain occurs. The cause may not be born in the area directly. So itˈs a good idea to find out the actual cause, from history and a thorough physical exam.



Step 2 : The treatment is unique.

When I know the actual cause and then begin treatment according to traditional Japanese Shinkyuˈs Clinic to achieve the most effective treatment and use as little time as possible.




Step 3 : Treatment recommendations.

To get the best treatment. Medical Clinic of Japanese experts will advise Shinkyu in care after treatment that is specific to and appropriate for each individual.



Pain relief therapy science, original Japan

  • With past experience makes it possible to distinguish the causes or contributing factors of the patient causing symptoms of stress is up. Posture, movement and balancing your bodyˈs not the same.
  • Both the stress of traveling. Sitting for a long time, making the brain gradually accumulated stress, resulting in the body occurs, tighten up, automatically causing pain in various body, arm-leg tea migraine until herniated.
  • Pregnant women and women with postpartum belly area makes waiting more weight-bearing. Result in the degree of change to the pelvis, not balance.
  • Injury from sports/exercise, and increase the performance of an athlete.
  • Whether itˈs injuries, play Golf, Football, Tennis, Badminton and other sports and even Dancing again very. Including stretching muscles too much, or the wrong way in the Group of Yoga, Pilates, and to increase the limit in a group of Marathon runners, Triathlon.
  • Seniors/group is a chronic condition for a long time. Want to change the method of treatment without surgery or medication for a long time, including rehabilitation after surgery.